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pos hedd in storm recovery.what they'll sandy versus the polls.what you need to know if you want to vote early. and... who's really responsiblfor cutting down r bughtw s. 3 3 thursday, november 1ss. with the rdssclearing and pooer cominggback on...most schools will be open today. today.but there areestill
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schhols in balmroe and anne prundel countthaa ill be closed.they'reeon the ticker at the ttom of your screen. closed.they'reeon the ticker at the ttom of your screen. 3 3 3 3
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we were lucky in comparison... meeag to doo.. some ndilrest of our best emergency crews are heading out offtoww. town.megan gilliland is live from the public safety training academm on northern paakway with more on wwere they're headed. 3good morring guys,city crews llft th locatioo ruiv&&lohiin h ppramedicss.. pack up 2 medic uuits and one medical assistance car this morning. knowinn they ave big job ewrs stands at 8 but eto 2.1 million hhmes and ere are businneses still without power. more than 100 homes were yesterday... our maaor... aanouuccd... the eoppe of damage and tragedyyas a result of this historic storm..nd
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that includes... sending some help. (39:111people that may need medical attention becauue something happened because maybe somethhnggcollapsed on and couldn't get out.this is &pwhat we do this is what we traii to do we help people 4/ are also sce temperatures are expected to &pdrop into the uppee 30's. ouu crews are eepected to stay to 10 days workkng at east 12 hours a day.i'm mmgan gilliland, fox45 morning news. alel o. -nda tlothorities.crew to rescue people from pities are two of many... swamped by the storm's heavy crisfield... rrver- like waters even unearrhed 2 casketss.. at a cemetery. esnger t-thsanns lefttin the d after saady roaree through mmry. maryland. joel d. smith is tracking bge's efforts in in mount washington. good ve morning joel d. 3 we're here at grespring
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now let's look at bel air. a with 16 ttousanddcustomers without power. it'' day two on the job.... with good rogress bei mngel aac wneodroes back on pples to hold on pnsulators. weecaught up their elddrly mother. the family is keeping warm inside generator. outside, where bal w - ng wood to fu - (mr. ccomwell/without pooer) "i didn't ttink it was going to be as bad as it was. it seems like that storm, that eye was just.. we were in thh center of at eye.. and we caught it. you could tell by all the trees that are uprted,he h espely m a up-p3 wirrrsgo&smly &proad.. crrww say residents there shoull be back in the light.. soon. here work ccews
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are expeeted o come ack around 8:00 this morning. the new crewwstarts at 6:00am, before starting day 4 of g, --3 lit... ann half isn't.take a s look at ttis picture... you cannsee the entire part of buttjust overrthe williamsburg tite 2lioprer neighbors have sthoowwh some forms of public ttansportation running again... many new yorrers arr eagerrto get moving.take a &pcauggt on camera pushing thhi way onto a bus headed over thh queensboro bridgeit coectss queens and manhattan.pubanta vie uper storr sandy.buses resuued their normal routes yesterday with detours and long wait subwwy service sttrts today. candiiate mitt rommey get
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their campaigns back in ull swing today. they'll hit several key states... as they trr and shore up support with the election just days away. explainn... both campaigns are kicking into iger with th entec j ysa politics took a back eat for aafew days while the devastating effects of supstorm sandy. presideett chrii christie checked out tte erewesto. and the president are here for you and we willl not forget we will follow up top akk sure you get all the helppyou need until you've rebuilt. christie is a staunch but he vemaumup fosfotoppje sis.i cannott thank the ppesiddnt enough for his eesonaa concern and the people of ourstate. mitt romney campaigned in south
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florida but the storm ctims weee part of his message. we ppopleein a time of great huuricane that struck the mid atlanttc them. vice president joe biden kept up his atttcks rooney campaigninggin time to gett home and go trick or treating with his famill. now i's candidates. obama reaches out boullerr coloro and greeegas, rimond,,roanoke and virginia beach..i'm mary ellen hopkins reporting. early voting resumes in maryyand... after hurricaae saa. sandy.on wedneay... there at..cng g nns at many stateeide is already ahead off -
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the first 3 days in 0-10. surrery, i wouldn't be able to vote withhut early voting, so it's veryimportaat this year." governor o'malley was among e wednesday... bringing along his son jack. jack.the gernor is uppet with a politiial addaaainst quussionn7... which woold expand gambling. he says the a.. wwiih claims that uinstnd. is nerre5-lldos ouo inaccuraae. through the staae by 45% since 2206 and we will be increaaing ucatn fundingy another r.eopngquestion 7 is sponsored by penn national gaming... which owns &pcharlessown. actor brad pitt is donating to the effort... to legalizeesame
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sex arriage in maryland. paryland.eanht hat iv10us arth'' the nation's largest lesbban, gay, bisexual and transgender civil rights to marriage equality campaigg - resourcce in marylann, maane, cog nny stcts. victims.the steps you can for ride. 3 ((break 1))
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((bump in)) 3 eapos continues thousands left in the dark, after sandy roared through mary. maryland. joel d. smith is
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&pstreaming now with more on bge's effortssin pikesville. pikesvilll. good morning joell . we're hereeat greenspring avv & hillside road and look.. ((ad lib)) that's what's apnge. not' 3 being workkd on there with 16 phousand customers without power. it's day two on the job.... with good rogress beinn made.. atr a huge tree fell on power linne. this morning, the lines are bbck up.. wiihewwo cesc p thln
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to the cromwell brothers and their elderly mother. the family is keeeiig warm inside generatoo. outsidewh a 'rop tel firee o kkep warmm. ahereeshat are --3uprooted, t especially. i meen, that wind with repairs going smoottly tonight on crews say ressdents there the light.. soon. here work creww come thh new crew starts at 6:00am, hen has a ssfety starting day 4 of restoring energy.. ((2-shot oss to weathhr)) ((ad lii mmteorologist))
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3 (((raffic reporter ad libs)) 3 ad libs))((traffic reporter 3
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ad libs))mmp 395 ap 40 map
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still to come... keeping mom and baby... happy and healthh. healthy.the risk taaing antidepressants can pose... &pduring pregnancy. common clean-up scams... to &pwatch out for. ((bbeak 2))
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3 many trees that fell here duri the height of hurricaae sandy...fell on homess.. and pre till there. cme a eiakaavantage of.... personal ddsaster. &pdisaster. hard at work... heee at the - home of andy smmth.nat sound around 6::0 monday night... naa sound before theorss o h'led sa -t h. 11:40:18 you could feel he wwole house shake a huge oak ttee now rested on the house... aad put their car in ppeearious position. 16:42:28 i was wooriethat the tree would continue to fa in bbcause its kkng o : w bpp and e pheember to ther insurance company in hand.... thh road i wanted tooget out. smith and his wife grabbed thier children and left.nat soundce they h reaahed
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sety... smith's attention quickly ssift... inng his houue but how and who wwuld pay... wereestill unknown.nnt sound...16:44:28 had a number of friendd contact me that had a chain saw. thee wereelike i have a chainnsaw i can help you get put anddi was like do you have a crrin laugh :34 through word of mouth nd gddnce from his insurancccopany.... smitthd or. pompany so ttht's aaconcern alwaysnat soundnat sound (17:05:54) 17:06 thhtt a very dangerousroposition when you've got a tree on your house and it can often get tree :13 jody thomas is th the better business buau... 17:06:17 you nsomebody who is expernced thats icsed ov.ass wan to weerie(sp) of com asking ffr full payment. under phould not be asked to pay morr than 1/3 up front. 17:08:03 you've gottto dot your i and cross your t's d tseurd fr ofan the smitt family... they're not ouu of theewoods just'll e time to find a
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contractor. another challenge that brings it oww set of risks. 16:56:56 loong at house ahhh at thii poi lepolaafox 45 news at tee. the better business bureau website haa a full list of thhir website is linned to baltimore dot com slash newslinns. ptrright ahead... pregnant... and presd. depreed.theat tns r mom-to-be.. looking to manage their symptoms. ((breakk3))
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a winter wonderland doesn't just happen. it takes some doing. some coordinating. and a trip to the one place with the new ideas that help us pull it all together. from the things that hang and shine... l e ng tstho urle d le more saving. more doing. that's the power of the home depot. trade in any light string and get up to five bucks off the latest holiday leds. 23 perccnt of womee
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experiencing symptoms at some ssff looks at what treatmmnt choices are available ffr to help manage their symptoms phile keeping their baby safe. pae. anreproduction finds that
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not increase the ances for infertile women to conceive. the reportt lso qqeions the use f the drugs for pregnant women saying ty mayycause ha to mom d ba. bor oice, especially if heir condition is evere. experts s check with your psychiatrist or physician to weigh the risks and benefitss &ptte repprt looked t more tha 100 udies on a class of antidepressant s called ssris &por selective serottnin reuptaae inhibitors. they concluddd that thess mediciness inreashhk are,lydery in babiee. exxerrs know these risks are real, but when left untreated equaalyy be less likely to eat and may - sleep properly or get routine prenatal care, doctors say. l motedeeression are encouraged to try psychotherapy, exercise, other trratments. but if and alternative therappes have f
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ffiled, ssri treatment is recommended. experts say each case of depression is unique, profeesional to determine the best treatment options. for david siff. h minutee i'm - &ppoming up... sandy delivers a &phuge blow... to the americann drives thaa had to be and.-3
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